The BackStrong machine is a very practical therapeutic device with a broad application in the treatment of persistent back problems. The gradual progressive resistance allows a therapeutic exercise program for even the most tentative exercise candidates. I heartily endorse the design application of the VARC (BackStrong).

The late Dr. Vert Mooney, M.D., Former Medical Director, San Diego Spine and Sport.

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BackStrong rehabilitation protocols serve as a logical progression from the McKenzie paradigm and fortify spine structures against the physical demands of stressors of everyday life.

Gary Jacob, D.C., DIP, MDR,

Faculty Member, McKenzie Institute International

My staff and I give the BackStrong unit Two Thumbs Up! We tell our patients that if they want to both feel better, and actually get better, then need to strength the specific muscles in their lower back... the BackStrong unit provides a safe and effective means to accomplish this goal.

Ed Collins, M.S., President

Sports Conditioning and Rehab

BackStrong Rehabilitation protocols are a perfect complement to spinal manipulation, McKenzie therapy another low-tech rehabilitation techniques. they provide valuable strengthening component that helps promote clinical stability and patient independence.

Michael J. Hubka, D.C., FCCS

Associate Clinical Professor, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

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