About BackStrong:

In 1997 BackStrong was the design collaberation of the 3 Doctors in California. The design was inspired by Dr. Vert Mooney research on Isolated Spinal Strenthening and the reduction in back pain. At the time, and even today, there are few cost effective options for Isolated Spinal Strengthening. BackStrong was awarded it's first Patent in 1999.

In 2001 and 2002 BackStrong was awarded several grants and received recognition for innovation. NIH Grant.

BackStrong was sold through a variety of outlets until 2006.

In 2010 BackStrong teamed up with a Conner Athletic Products to design an unit that would service a wide population and establish manufactuing, quality control and support in the United States. Conner Athletic Products is a world leader in the manufacturing of quality athletic training equipment.

Currently there are approximently 20 research articles in which BackStrong (Variable Angle Roman Chair) has been utilized, researched and/or validated.

BackStrong Variable Angle Roman Chair is part of several ongoing major University based studies.

BackStrong is sold exclusively through Conner Athletic Products, Inc. and its agents. Please contact Tony Tribolet for more information. tonyt@backstrong.org

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