Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why Six Angles?

A. The six provides a excellent progressive resistance and provides the ability to do a variety of exercises. You also adjust resistance at each angle by adjusting the users hand position.

Q. Who is using the BackStrong?

A. There are several hundred facilities that use the current and previous version of the BackStrong. Including Spine and Sport San Diego (10 Clinics), Muir Orthopedics (3 Clinics), University of Southern California Physical Therapy, Oakland Athletics, University of South Florida, University of California San Diego Orthopedics, professional athletes and home users.

Q. Is there a Training Manual?

A. We can provide a manual that includes basic training protocols and guidelines. The manual is available to owners of the BackStong upon request.

Q. Why the "New" version?

A. The unit was redesigned in 2010 to accommodate a much wider population (from small females to professional athletes). It can easily accommodate a person 300 lbs. BackStrong is used by Elite Olympic Athletes to Adolescents (Adolescent Scoliosis Study)

Q. Where is the BackStrong made?

A. The BackStrong is manufactured by Conner Athletic Products, Inc. in Jefferson, Iowa. Conner Athletics produces high quality equipment for collegiate and professional athletics. Conner Athletics has been in business for 12 years. Website:

Q. How Long is the Warranty?

A. BackStrong is backed by a LIFETIME Warranty on the Frame. The warranty on the Upholstery and Grips is 90 Days.

Q. What is the Price?

A. Please contact us for Pricing. It is the manufactures policy not to publish prices.


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